Monday, April 5, 2010

Congratulations go to Linda of Paper 'N' Clay for Her Glass Breakfast Pendant and Earrings

Well, we really gave our members something to get their teeth into this month (sorry!!). The topic was "Foodies" and we left it up to our members to decide what that word meant to them.

We had a great selection of entries, and Paper'N'Clay won by popular vote. Her piece was inspired by the typical breakfast dish of bacon and eggs. Just looking at it makes the mouth water!

We asked Linda what inspired her to make this piece, and she replied "Food is one of my favorite things so my head was swimming with ideas. I have made the bacon brooch before but had never made the matching egg earrings until the challenge presented itself". She also told us that she really enjoys working with glass as she learns from each project and is able to use what she learns to inform her new projects and create something new and exciting. Linda has some plans for the months ahead, and as a result of remodeling work at home, has opportunities to work some glass items into her home and workspace. She has said that she will make glass knobs for a pegboard that runs the length of one of her rooms, which sounds a fascinating project. Many of her items are created out of necessity, and you'll see them in her etsy store soon.

Congratulations Paper'n'Clay !

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