Saturday, August 1, 2009

JULY CHALLENGE WINNER: Congratulations Designs By Christine!

JULY CHALLENGE RESULTS - "Your favorite item in your shop"

Well, what an interesting month. We had 23 entries into our challenge, and 105 voters took part. We would like to thank everyone who participated. We had a very varied selection of entries which shows how eclectic our group is. From fusing to lampwork, copper-foiled work to painting, we have a talented group of glass artists working in a variety of styles, which makes the voters' choice very difficult indeed.
This month's winner is Designs by Christine for her Dogwood Blossoms Platter.
You can see the winning entry here:
Visit her shop here:
Chris has worked with glass for over 29 years from her studio in Michigan. Her main output is glass jewelry, but as you can see from her winning entry, she obviously has a talent for home accessories too. She says "I love to work with glass! Stained glass, fused glass, blown glass, stepping stones, lamp-working, and everything else that has to do with glass. I am very much into experimenting with my glass and love to take classes and learn to do new things. Some call me an artist but I don't consider myself one....yet!" Well sorry to argue with you Chris, but this win shows that you are!
Congratulations again to Christine and to all of our entrants, and we hope that you will participate in our August challenge.

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First Light Glass said...

Congratulations Christine! It's a beautiful piece!