Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Winner Is..... Sierra Creations


The votes are in and have been counted for the CGGE’s "SUMMER" August Challenge.

Our first monthly challenge was open for voting to all of Etsy.
We had 91 entries submitted by 43 members, making it very hard for voters to narrow their choice down to just one vote.
The selection was varied and the entries were incredible. Our thanks go out to everyone who participated and who continues to support our team.
Congratulations Sierra Creations!

We have chosen Sierra Creations as the winner of the August Challenge. She had 2 entries that received the highest number of votes:
Hummingbird with Flowers Suncatcher:

Sierra Creations is a wife/husband partnership located in the small mountain community of Pioneer, CA. Marcia of Sierra Creations states in her Etsy profile that she has had a love of stained glass since the early 1970's. She likes to create stained glass pieces of all sizes -- from small suncatchers to large custom windows. Many of her works reflect her love of nature and her passion for living in the mountains where she and her husband have left behind the hectic lifestyle of the city.

Her husband is a woodworker and makes the frames and display stands for her glass artwork. He also enjoys doing some custom woodwork of his own. It sounds like they make a great team!

Marcia and Sierra Creations have been a member of CGGE since March 2008. She is also one of Etsy's Top 100 Shops and Design Style Guide.
You can check out her Etsy store at:

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Smokeylady60 said...

Congrats Sierra Creations

All the Items were so lovely
Everyone who entered here is a

and a pat on the back for all
the hard work by the members who set this up and all the artist
who entered.